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5 Black Romance Movies That Belong on Everyone's Netflix List in July 2020

These swoon-worthy movies featuring Black talent deserve a special shout-out.

By Jared Alexander

The 30 Best Romantic Movies on Netflix

From meet-cute to HEA, these love stories are the best that Netflix has to offer.

By Carolyn Cox & Kelsey McConnell

8 Super-Romantic Movies Based on True Stories

Sometimes love stories really do get a Hollywood ending.

By Kelsey McConnell

The 13 Best Halloween Movies to Watch With Your Boo

Pop the popcorn, pour a little cider, and scare yourself up some romance.

By Carolyn Cox

The Best (and Worst) Romantic Comedy Boyfriends to Bring Home for the Holidays

After the meet cute, it's time to meet the parents. But which love interests from popular romantic comedies could you actually bring home to your family?

By Lareign Ward

19 Movies to Watch After a Breakup

Sit back and let the movies heal your heart.

By Allison Wild

8 Romantic Movies Like Pride & Prejudice

Fetch the smelling salts! These stories of romance, intrigue, and headstrong heroines are sure to make you swoon.

By Carolyn Cox

10 Celebrity Couples Who Have Worked Together (And Stayed Together)

Love is alive and well, and we have the receipts to prove it.

By Olivia Mason

The Best 90s Romantic Comedies That Are Worth Revisiting

We hate the way we don't hate these rom-coms. Not even a little bit. Not even at all.

By G.G. Andrew

8 Great Movies About Being Single

Flying solo this February 14th? Celebrate with these feel-good films.

By Dana Piccoli

7 Romantic Movies Like The Shape of Water

Guillermo del Toro’s new movie has us falling hard for monsters.

By Audrey Webster

The Women Behind PassionFlix Talk Making Movies for the Female Gaze 

PassionFlix is a new streaming service turning your favorite romance novels into films—and challenging misconceptions about the genre.

By Cailey Hall

10 Romantic Holiday Movies to Light Your Yule Log

Need a dose of winter cheer? These flirty, festive films are sure to make your heart grow two sizes.

By G.G. Andrew

Quiz: Which Disney Prince Should You Date? 

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, find the prince that you should call.

By Carolyn Cox

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