Carolyn Cox

    10 Romantic Movie Quotes for When Real Life Just Isn't Cutting It

    Let the silver-tongued lovers of the silver screen show you how it's done. 

    Is There a Gender Imbalance in Time Travel Romance? 

    'Second chance time travel romance' might sound niche. But there are a surprising number of movies which fit that bill, and many have one thing in common.

    This Close Is Your Next Romance Binge

    Get ready to fall for a groundbreaking new series about the universal highs and lows of modern relationships.

    17 Romantic TV Shows to Fall Hard For

    You'll want to settle down with these binge-worthy series.

    First Read: Fear of Flying, by Erica Jong

    Jong's ferocious take on female sexuality, independence, and infidelity is still striking to new readers, 44 years after it was first published.

    15 of the Best First Kiss Moments on TV

    The first kiss between your OTP is always one to remember, and these kisses are simply the best of the best.

    The 13 Best Halloween Movies to Watch With Your Boo

    Pop the popcorn, pour a little cider, and scare yourself up some romance.

    Quiz: Which Disney Prince Should You Date? 

    Mirror, mirror, on the wall, find the prince that you should call.

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